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Idjit Winchesters

I see a great deal of myself in Dean Winchester. At first I loved the hot guy playing Dean but then I found myself relating to him a lot. Supernatural is taking over my life!! J2 and Misha are life ruiners put in simple words. I also like WWE, Randy Orton is my all time favorate. I'm really friendly so feel free to ask anything

The question was who would play the Impala if it were human and the answer turned R-rated very quickly after Jared’s comment :)


dean and cas are gonna be face-to-face in 10x3 so here’s what i need:

  • dean calling cas “sweetheart” condescendingly
  • dean winking an eye black at cas
  • cas puNCHING DEAN IN THE FACE and slamMING HIM INTO A WALL and yelling “this is not the man i pulled out of hell. this is not the man i rebelled for.”
  • dean telling cas to just give up already and cas responds, “in the words of an old friend, bite me.”