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Idjit Winchesters

I see a great deal of myself in Dean Winchester. At first I loved the hot guy playing Dean but then I found myself relating to him a lot. Supernatural is taking over my life!! J2 and Misha are life ruiners put in simple words. I also like WWE, Randy Orton is my all time favorate. I'm really friendly so feel free to ask anything

take me back to the start.




#HOLY FUCK JARED #its like the slide into ZEKE #the transformation is FANTASTICAL #you don’t even need the blue eye lights #GODDAMN (via buticancarryyou)

jared deserves all the awards

It is so amazing because every time I see a gif of Sam being possessed, you can just tell. You can tell - even without the blue eyes, or the black eyes from when he was possessed by Meg - that this isn´t Sam. This is someone else. Just by his body language and expression that Jared isn´t playing Sam in that moment.

Like, seriously, Jared is an amazing actor. If anyone tell me otherwise, I will sacrifice them to Satan

January 26, 1998 - Jensen Ackles attends the 25th American Music Awards